Athena, the CIA toy


On May 19, Wikileaks launched its series ‘Vault 7 project’ where it reveals the CIA surveillance tools, one of them called Athena. This tool was created specifically for Windows platforms (from Windows XP to Windows 10). The purpose of this ‘malware’ is to have the ability to establish a guide and the ability to load into the system. In other words, it gives the CIA access and ability to enter, handle, load and download both processes and files to the computer that has the implant.

According to the files Wikileaks publishes, this ‘malware’ was created by the CIA in collaboration with Siege Technologies, company that claims to be a cyber security company based in New Hampshire, USA. This company was acquired on November 15, 2016 by Neheminah Security. Although the files do not detail how many times they are used, much less those who have been victims, this ‘malware’ has incredible power.

At least less than 15K can pass through the Firewall and anti-virus. Whoever uses this malware will have the ability to issue malicious payloads constantly as well as the ability to retrieve the entire file inside the computer from specific directories. Ability that has now been revealed and that anyone with the interest can read and use the same.



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