A message for my friends the “anarchists”

The first of May in the National Strike, I found a group of about 25 to 30 people carrying anarchist flags, with faces covered, sticks and spray paint in their hands. You my friends are a joke and a shame for both anarchist ideals and for modern society. I saw with my own eyes how they vandalized and destroyed private property while the other demonstrators confronted to make them desist from these destructive practices to which they reacted violently. You friends of mine are poor “charlatan” puppets. In addition, their knowledge in Spanish is even lower than a 5 year old child. Their bad spelling is capable of offending even the less educated, but that’s not the point. Let’s see why this behavior is not appropriate even for anarchism.

For a while I was an anarchist and a rebel of the current social system. Anarchy, as an ideology, does not call for violence, for disorder, much less for destruction. So what is anarchy? Anarchy is an ideology that proposes the destruction of government and the system of oppressive laws. Anarchy is the belief that the human being has the natural ability to live in society and harmony without the need for a controlling government and justice at hand.

The system works as follows: there is no government and the population takes all decisions. Justice is citizen, each region has a judicial board which takes justice into their hands. Violence is never allowed or justified. Anarchy allows the use of force as discretion if, and only if,  it’s the only mean for the people to hear their call. Anarchy is peaceful and this is the first resource for their ideological society to function.

So who are these individuals?

These characters are criminals, ladies and gentlemen. They are vandals who take advantage of mass protests to hide their crimes and justify them with their “anarchic” beliefs. These gentlemen are not anarchists, they are idiots with a desire to damage the effort and sacrifice of others with stupid crimes. These individuals are the scum of this country that are not very different from the politicians who have brought us here. You disgust me and I openly repudiate them. It makes me angry that they use and carry the anarchist flag without even knowing its meaning. Although within anarchism there is a kind of violent movement, but it never compares with the abnormality of these idiots. For people like you this country is a mess and live in these crisis. I repeat, you guys are disgusting and should not even exist as a movement or in this society, psychopaths.


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