Jonathan Torres Rosario


Jonathan Torres Rosario is a Computer Science student at the University of Puerto Rico Bayamon Campus (UPRB). Among his work, it is important to highlight his participation in the Budget Committee for the UPRB, which has helped him be more active within the student community and the social movements that are carried out on the island based on the institution. This led him to found The Daily Capitol and The Daily Capitol Español as part of his commitment to society and in response to the media manipulation that exists in the country. In educational settings, Jonathan stands out for having participated in the National Mathematics Fair, HackAthons organized by HackPR and HackTurabo and for being an advocate for the Computer Science program at the state university.

Currently as the director and CEO of The Daily Capitol and The Daily Capitol Español he is committed on bringing his readers the truth and the real facts of local and international news in order to create an educated society. Their social commitment was born as a result of the growing governmental victimization by the media in the country and as part of their vision of a better country.


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